Best Estimating Software of 2024

Construction estimating software is a vital digital tool for professionals in the construction industry. It is intended to improve productivity, decrease human error, simplify procedures, and increase accessibility to crucial data for critical business choices. Not every kind of construction-related firm is a great fit for every estimating software program.

The software offers fully customized cover sheets, templates with editable information, and the ability to construct proposals that look professional in order to generate estimates quickly and accurately. For example, materials and labor can have different prices. But bulk markups are also an option, allowing you to mark up all labor and/or supplies by a specified percentage with a few clicks.

With the ability to generate estimates, accept online payments, and manage an infinite number of projects, this program is a comprehensive tool for contractors of any kind, whether they employ one person or 300 or more. This program aims to give a foreman and his team the opportunity to track everything and keep continuous communication going, even while workers are out in the field. It also provides all the financial information and details related to each project in one convenient location.

Compatibility: All platforms
Mobile app support: Yes
Integration options: Stripe
Scalability: Yes
Accuracy and reliability: Based on the cost items database provided by the user
User interface and ease of use: Each module is straightforward, but using modules together can get confusing
Customer support options: Whatsapp and email support
Training and onboarding resources: Selected plan determines the number of private training hours provided with online resources and group training sessions available

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